Project Description

This product is useful for charging when an 8-pin connector is not available or when an auxiliary battery is used

One of a few Apple-approved MFi gender connectors.

Undergoes strict tests at each process under perfectly humidity- and temperature-controlled conditions, before being put to test three times in their finished form.


Product name: 5-Pin to 8-Pin Gender Connector


Charging: 2.4A, rapidly charged. Method: Data signal

1m USB C-Type Fabric Charge Sync Cable
Charging and data transmission
Apple certified charging adapter
Stable sound of 10mm dynamic driver
Luxurious design
It features delicate design and outstanding durability
1m USB C-Type Fabric Charge Sync Cable
Double-sided recognition
You can use it conveniently as it can be used upside down like Apple Lightning 8 pin.
1m USB C-Type Fabric Charge Sync Cable
Outstanding durability
It is highly qualified and has an MFI Apple certified Adapter.